Introducing AB325, a low-emission filler, into existing formulas can be an immediate step in directly impacting your carbon reduction initiatives and ensuring the efficient use of natural resources

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Chemical Distributor

"We're very happy with the Austin Black we purchase from CFI. It's become the main filler we use in one of our potting sealants. We've found that Austin Black can be used at higher concentrations than standard carbon blacks without significantly increasing the viscosity of the sealant. Customer service has also been great. Cyndi Foley has been our primary CFI contact. She has been excellent to work with, and is very helpful and responsive."

J.C. with Luna Labs

"Great team at CFI, we appreciate everything you guys do."

S.D. with Carlisle Construction Materials

"Good service and performance, please maintain this achievement."

E.P. with Sumitomo Rubber

"Good service, fast response, please keep it up"

Rubber Manufacturers

“With Austin Black 325, we achieved better air retention and compression set.”

Raw Materials Supplier
Rubber, Plastics, and Coatings Industries

"With Austin Black 325, get increased fill without increased SG."

Rubber Products Manufacturer

“Our results included improved efficiency rating in manufacturing.”

Raw Materials Supplier
Rubber, Plastics, and Coatings Industries

“With Austin Black 325, we see consistent quality, higher purity. And we improve compression set in O-ring application.”

Raw Materials Supplier
Rubber, Plastics, and Coatings Industries

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We partner with manufacturing leaders in Over 30 countries

We partner with manufacturing leaders in over 30 countries. We make global collaboration easy with translation services, strategic distributor relationships worldwide, and highly controlled operations to ensure on-time delivery.

Austin Black 325

Produced from high-quality, low-volatile, bituminous coal, Austin Black 325 is a dry, finely divided powder with low specific gravity. 

Fill More Molds with Fewer Pounds of Material

Low Specific Gravity
Increased Processability
Reduced End Product Weight

Known for its consistent, versatile, and formula-improving attributes, it can reduce end-product weight and increase your profit margin.

Produced from high-quality
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