Austin Black 325

Fill More Molds with Fewer Pounds of Material

Product advantages 

Low Specific
Increased Processability
Reduced End Product Weight
Increased Profitability

About Austin Black 325 

Produced from high-quality, low-volatile, bituminous coal, Austin Black 325 is a dry, finely divided powder with low specific gravity.

Known for its consistent, versatile, and formula-improving attributes, it can reduce end-product weight and increase your profit margin.   

Austin Black 325 is a low-emission filler, emitting less CO2 than both virgin and recycled Carbon Blacks.


Production of  Austin Black 325
389 kg CO2 emitted per metric ton


Production of Virgin Carbon Black *
2400 kg CO2 emitted per metric ton


Production of Recycled Carbon Black *
480 kg CO2 emitted per metric ton

Source G3C Technologies

Produced from high-quality
cfi carbon products

Compared to other clay, talc, and calcium carbonate fillers, Austin Black 325 is one of the most cost-effective and versatile organic fillers available.

Formula Improvements

Formula Improvements

Reported by customers include:

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Sample Cost Savings

75% of customers surveyed reported cost savings as a benefit of using Austin Black 325.

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