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Formula Testing

CFI’s commitment to product testing helps manufacturers improve formulas and achieve end-product advantages. 


We understand the importance of developing and testing formulas for reliability and performance. In addition to our on-site ISO 9001:2015 certified lab, we work with ACE Products and Consulting, an ANAB ISO/IEC 17025 accredited independent laboratory. This strategic relationship makes us an invaluable partner to customers looking for access to: 

  • research & development

  • customized formula testing

  • an extensive archive of tested recipes


Contact us about partnering with our team and extended resources.

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Lab Samples

We help manufacture innovation and invite you to put CFI products to the test.


We are proudly committed to a culture of manufacturing progress and understand that innovation requires constant evaluation. For that reason, we are happy to provide samples of our material so that you can put our products to the test. Whether you’re updating a current formula or developing a brand new compound, we are confident that our material will help you achieve end-product advantages and improved efficiencies. To learn how our products can improve your formulas, request a sample.

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Packaging Options

We deliver packaging options that ensure optimal compatibility with your operations.


We offer multiple high-quality packaging solutions in various sizes, materials, and melting points to fit your manufacturing and processing needs. The packaging options listed below are backed by our experienced team who understand the importance of safety, handling, and cost when it comes to choosing the right packaging and transportation solutions for your business.


Low Melt EVA Sealed Bags

Available Sizes: 10-25 lbs.

Melting Point: 72-76°C

Standard PolyEthylene Bags

Available Sizes: 15-65 lbs.

Melting Point: 110°C

Ultra Clean PolyEthylene Bags

Available Sizes: 15-65 lbs.

Melting Point: 100°C

Kraft Paper Bags 

Available Sizes: 50 lbs.

FIBC / Bulk Bags / Super Sacks

Available Sizes: 1,000-2,204 lbs.

Pneumatic Trailers 

Toll Grinding

We have some of the finest grinding experts and equipment in the industry. 

Our toll grinding service extends the expertise of our knowledgeable team and on-site ISO 9001:2015 certified lab to companies in need of outsourced grinding services. As a producer of high-quality filler material with exceptional customer service, our team is uniquely positioned to help you develop innovative material that meets your size and processing specifications. If you are interested in tapping into our expertise with black minerals, please contact us to discuss your processing needs.

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Global Collaboration

Our translation services, highly controlled operations, and network of distributors ensure on-time global delivery. 

CFI brings more than 30 years of experience to the table serving customers in more than 26 countries. We work with an experienced language team from The Language Group to offer translation services for written and spoken communications in more than 200 languages, including:

  • email and phone communications

  • printed material and research

  • customized product ​and pallet labels

As a privately-held company with complete control of operations, we offer unmatched consistency in source stability, logistics, and service. In addition to owning our own fleet of hauling trucks we have a freight forwarder to handle international shipments and ensure on-time delivery.

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No greenhouse gases or waste is generated in our process.