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High quality products and personalized service

For over 30 years, CFI has supplied high-quality products and personalized service to rubber manufacturers, including global leaders in the tire industry. In addition to cost savings benefits, rubber manufacturers achieve end-product advantages including improved air retention, increased processability, and reduced odor.

For over 30 years, CFI has supplied high-quality products

End-Product Advantages

Increased Profitability

Thanks to its low specific gravity, Austin Black 325 can fill up to three times as much volumetric space as other mineral fillers, creating more finished product at a significantly lower per pound volume cost.

As one of the most cost-effective pigments and mineral fillers available, it has a specific gravity of 1.30. When compared to the specific gravity of carbon blacks at 1.80, and other mineral fillers at 2.60 to 2.90, Austin Black 325 helps manufacturers lower compound costs, which ultimately leads to increased profitability.

Improved Air Retention

The platy structure of our signature product–Austin Black 325–helps create an air barrier within rubber compounds to reduce air permeation and improve air retention.

In applications such as tire inner liners and inner tubes, formulas containing Austin Black 325 have been shown to retain air longer with lower usage of halobutyl rubber, resulting in lower compound costs and increased profitability.

Increased Processability

Austin Black 325 works as a mixing aid and facilitates air release in compound mixing, resulting in a reduction of bubble and blister issues.

Its small particle size allows Austin Black 325 to readily disperse in natural rubbers, synthetic rubbers, and plastics, which reduces mixing time without causing agglomeration or sacrificing the dispersion of other ingredients. Additionally, the 17% to 20% volatile matter in Austin Black 325 contains inherent oils that act as an internal plasticizer and dispersing aid.

Reduced Odor

For rubber and plastic manufacturers using a Di Cup cure system, adding Austin Black 325 to formulas has been shown to eliminate the disagreeable odor produced during processing.

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We chose CFI over the competition for their quality. Since working with them we have benefited from on-time deliveries and cost savings.”

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