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CFI helps silicone manufacturers improve formulas and add valuable properties to their products. Customer-reported results of using Austin Black 325 include improved compression set, insulating properties, tint strength, and significant compound cost savings–which means overall better results than with competitor products.

High quality products

Advantages of End-Product

Improved Compression Set

Austin Black 325 can greatly improve the compression set of silicone products, as shown in a mechanical properties and cost evaluation conducted by ACE Products and Consulting. Customer-reported results include cutting compression set in half when Austin Black 325 was used in place of other materials.

Higher Insulating Properties​

Studies show that silicone formulas using Austin Black 325 have dielectric properties that are comparable to formulas containing Min-U-Sil.

Increased Profitability

Thanks to its low specific gravity, Austin Black 325 can fill up to three times as much volumetric space as other mineral fillers, creating more finished product at a significantly lower per pound volume cost. As one of the most cost-effective pigment and mineral fillers available, it has a specific gravity of 1.30. When compared to the specific gravity of Min-U-Sil at 2.65, Austin Black 325 can significantly lower compound costs, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

Improved Efficiency

In addition to adding valuable properties to silicone formulas, Austin Black 325 can help simplify recipes and eliminate unnecessary additives. For example, when manufacturing black colored silicones with Austin Black 325, additional black pigments such as TriColor can be removed while retaining the desired color of the finished product.

What CFI customers are saying:

“With Austin Black 325, we achieved better compression set and lower costs.”

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