Austin Black 325 Shown to Improve Compression Set and Insulating Properties in Silicone Products

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Purpose of Testing

CFI worked with ACE Products and Consulting to complete the following tests to help measure the value of using Austin Black 325 in silicone products. This study specifically evaluated the mechanical properties and cost of using Austin Black 325.

Study results found that using Austin Black 325:

  • Significantly reduced specific gravity
  • Improves compression set, with one customer reporting cutting compression set in half
  • Produced dielectric properties comparable to Min U Sil
  • Additional black pigment is not needed to achieve black-colored silicone
  • Greatly reduced the final product costs

Test Formulary

MDR Rheology


*Testing completed with Minusil 5 only and down to a ratio of 0.80:1

Original Physicals

Heat Aged Physicals (200°C @ 72 hours)

Compression, Specific Gravity, and Tear Strength


The example shown above demonstrates that when TriColor 1206 was removed from the control formula, compounds using Austin Black 325 retained their black color without the added pigment, ultimately saving money.

Financial Impact


Austin Black 325 is shown to improve formulas and significantly lower compound costs for various applications in the silicone market. If you would like to test the value of Austin Black 325 in your products, request a sample.

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